COMMUNITIES OF HOPE is an invitation to exploration. To discovery. To question ourselves, to ask: am I living in a way that serves myself and the planet? That makes best use of my gifts? That helps me and my community flourish? That prepares me for whatever the future holds?

GEN Europe is the European ecovillage network: a network of intentional comĀ­munities, ecovillages and national ecovillage networks working together to create a regenerative world. We invite you to come and discover the ecovillages of our network. 

Ecovillages offer us the chance to discover ourselves, and new and old ways of living and being that invite us to deep self-knowledge. To joy and play. To learn skills that serve community and the planet.

From bioconstruction to facilitation, from permaculture to architecture – whatever it is you want to learn, the changes are that there’s an ecovillage that offers something for you.

To learn more about the ecovillages of Europe, and discover upcoming events, courses and trainings, visit the GEN Europe website.

The European Ecovillage Map

Click the map to visit the GEN Europe ecovillage map, where you can find the details of GEN Europe’s member communities.